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“Talent has no boundaries”


Mr. Deepak Vyas

It’s our great honour to introduce "D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE". It is independent production house. It’s a complete production house of acting, modelling, music and dance. It was established by Mr.DEEPAK VYAS(DIRECTOR & EVENT ORGANISER) in District Centre, JHANSI in year 2014. "D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE" having a speciality to produce the hidden talent.

"D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE" is having a sole aim of providing a platform to the established and new talents in India. Our group is to encourage one and all new comers and exhibit. The hidden and explode great talent. "D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE". is a production house known for the pioneering the concept of reality shows, events, modelling and talent hunts etc. We have a strong strategy and our vision that  “Talent has no boundaries”.

We are different from other production houses. We seek to change lives. Our aim is to reach out to the artist and provide them a suitable platform to prove their talent.

Our team unity, our aim and our creativity are the main pillars of our success.We are organizing a new talent in the field of production. We are trying to give a name and fame  to the new comers who hiding their talents inside them because of some reasons. We want to finish all the hesitations of talented people of facing camera and audience by giving them appropriate platform.This production house is one, in which you can start your career. We are not only giving opportunities to new faces but also giving opportunity to new faces and we are first in approaching and encouraging new talents. "D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE"believes that great talent can act wonder only if they are recognized at the right time."D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE" has been able to get new faces who were not given a chance to display their talent in front of a large audience but even the talented have got an excellent chance to portray their talent among a large audience.

The best means of searching for brilliant talent that can actually create neology in the field of art and entertainment and also allows you to interact with the other talented people present in different cities of world. "D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE" is a no.1 production company that thinks “tomorrow’s production is today’s creation”.

"D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE". not set out to be impressively different but yes we did things differently”. "D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE". thinks that all creativity cannot be restricted within parameters. "D.K. EVENT PRODUCTION HOUSE" giving all the facilities under one roof.

                                                    Our Motto
We never stop, we never take rest on our fames, we only focus on our clients and we always believes in doing business with full of passion and honour, we believes all brilliants have its own creative fields.

Our company with complete In-house technical & creative skills, we provide a turnkey creative.Solution to all kind of
communication needs across all media platform thus creating a creative
Pool that bridles with talent and imagination. Concept and strategy developers, directors andArt directors, script & screenplay writers, cameramen, music composers and singers work with
An enviable team spirit and help create something that is original, inspiring and outstanding.

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